Marvel Puzzle Quest Introduces a New Original Villain: Meet Quandary

In honor of its 10-year anniversary, the superhero puzzle game Marvel Puzzle Quest is introducing a brand-new villain to the Marvel Universe.

In a press release, Marvel Puzzle Quest developer 505 Games announced that it is “working alongside developer Broken Circle Studios to bring major feature changes, giveaways, and special month-long offers in-game, including the introduction of an original villain to the MARVEL universe, Quandary.” Mobile and PC players can compete against Quandary within Marvel Puzzle Quest starting today, October 5.

Who is Quandary, Marvel’s newest villain?

Described as “enigmatic, eccentric, and mysterious,” Quandary is Marvel Puzzle Quest’s “first wholly original villain.” Wielding “powers of reality manipulation,” Quandary seeks to “control every outcome for her own goals, challenge her opponents, and create puzzles for the inquisitive to make her own amusement.” According to 505, players will “learn more about the character, compete against her puzzling challenges, and embark on the beginning of a new journey that will develop in future storylines!”

“It has been an honor to work alongside 505 Games and MARVEL to bring Quandary to life in the MARVEL universe,” said Broken Circle CEO James Finley. “We’re excited to provide fans with these major updates to our huge roster of characters, and kick off a month of celebrations with special events, giveaways and so much more to celebrate MARVEL Puzzle Quest’s 10th Anniversary … We can’t wait for MARVEL Puzzle Quest fans, new and old alike, to experience all the new content that we are bringing to the title in honor of its 10-year birthday.”

What else does Marvel Puzzle Quest’s 10th anniversary have in store?

Of course, a new adversary isn’t the only thing 505 has in store for Marvel Puzzle Quest’s 10th birthday. Players can also look forward to the new “Champions 2.0” system, free giveaways, special offers, other events, and even more new content.

“MARVEL Puzzle Quest has entertained over 25 million players with match-3 battles for a decade now, and we are thrilled to celebrate this incredible milestone, working closely with the talented teams at Broken Circle Studios and MARVEL,” said Clive Robert, Head of Free-to-Play at 505 Games. “We are looking forward to expanding MARVEL Puzzle Quest’s legacy into another decade and beyond as we blend the world of intense puzzle action with MARVEL’s top comic Super Heroes.”

Marvel Puzzle Quest launched on iOS and Android on October 3, 2013. A PC version released two months later. The game eventually made its way to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Most recently, a Kindle version released in March 2016.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is available on iOS, Android, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Kindle.

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