Marvel Reveals Sneak Peek at New Middle-Grade Shang-Chi Graphic Novel

Marvel and Graphix have released an official sneak peek at Victoria Ying’s newly-launched middle-grade original graphic novel Shang-Chi and the Quest for Immortality.

Shang-Chi and the Quest for Immortality released in bookstores today, October 3. To mark the occasion, Marvel shared seven fully-lettered pages from the 128-page OGN on its website. These pages find a young Shang-Chi on a late-night quest that ultimately leads him to Wu Shang City the next morning.

Check out the cover art and excerpt pages for Shang-Chi and the Quest for Immortality below:

What is Shang-Chi and the Quest for Immortality about?

Written and illustrated by Ying, Quest for Immortality “tells the tale of a twelve-year-old Shang-Chi and his younger sister, Shi-Hua, who are the only children in the grand palace of the Five Weapons Society. Their father, Zheng-Zu, is a harsh master, and all Shang-Chi wants is to prove himself in his father’s eyes.”

So, when Shang-Chi “overhears that his father’s powers may be waning and discovers an ancient scroll that might be the key to helping him get those powers back,” the future Master of Kung Fu “knows exactly what to do. For the first time in his life, he sneaks out of the palace and into the outside world, hoping to return with one of the legendary Peaches of Immortality to gift his father.”

However, “the world beyond the palace is very different from everything Shang-Chi has been taught, especially a boy called Lu, who knows more about Zheng-Zu than he should. With his home and father’s health on the line, Shang-Chi cannot fail in his quest — but does his father deserve to be saved?”

Ying is perhaps best known for her original manga series City of Secrets and City of Illusion. She also worked on such animated films as Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Moana and Big Hero 6.

Shang-Chi and the Quest for Immortality is on sale now from Graphix.

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