Marvel Reveals the Identity of Its New, Villainous Ghost Rider

Marvel Comics has revealed the supervillain who will take on the Ghost Rider mantle in Benjamin Percy and Danny Kim’s Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance.

For months, Marvel has teased that Final Vengeance would see a villainous new Ghost Rider appropriate the Spirit of Vengeance for their own nefarious purposes, forcing Johnny Blaze on a quest to reclaim his title. The publisher has now announced that the new Ghost Rider is none other than Parker Robbins, better known as the Hood. Marvel has also revealed artist Juan Ferreyra’s cover art for Final Vengeance #2 (on sale Wednesday, April 18), showcasing the Hood’s fiery new form.

Check out Juan Ferreyra’s cover art for Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #2 below:

“Some villains you know all too well. Doctor Doom. Thanos. Mephisto. But I find it especially fun to bring the lesser known baddies out of the shadows and give them a shot at a starring role. That’s what I did with Omega Red during X LIVES OF WOLVERINE/X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE — and that’s what I’m doing now with Ghost Rider,” Percy said.

“The Hood wants a taste of the big-time. And he’s made a deal with the devil to help him on his way,” the writer continued. “This is what happens when the Spirit of Vengeance is stripped from Johnny Blaze and grafted on to a character who has no moral compass. An epic crime saga — flavored with horror — awaits readers in GHOST RIDER: FINAL VENGEANCE.”

Who is Marvel’s Parker Robbins, aka the Hood?

Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Kyle Hotz, Parker Robbins first appeared in 2002’s Hood #1. Parker was merely a petty criminal before besting a Nisanti demon (later revealed to be Dormammu in disguise). He claimed the demon’s cloak and boots, which granted him powers like invisibility and levitation. With these abilities at his disposal, the Hood became a significant player in New York’s criminal underworld.

The Hood is more often than not depicted as a power-hungry villain, (though he has flirted with becoming an anti-hero on occasion). The character will soon make his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts star Anthony Ramos is attached to portray Parker Robbins in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series Ironheart. Originally slated for a late-2023 debut, the show currently lacks an official premiere date.

In the meantime, Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #1 goes on sale Wednesday, March 13 from Marvel Comics.

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