Marvel’s Kid Venom: Origins #1 Scores Surprise Variant Cover

Marvel Comics has revealed a surprise variant cover for Kid Venom: Origins #1 ahead of the one-shot’s release next Wednesday.

The new Kid Venom: Origins #1 variant comes from artist Luciano Vecchio. It stars none other than Kintaro/Kid Venom himself — an alternate version of Venom hailing from 10th-century Japan. Written and illustrated by manga artist Taigami — the title character’s creator — Kid Venom: Origins #1 collects the entire Kid Venom story that was originally serialized within the pages of Death of the Venomverse.

Check out Luciano Vecchio’s Surprise Variant Cover for Kid Venom: Origins #1 below:

Interested readers can inquire with their local comic shop about the variant cover’s availability. Marvel also teases more surprise variants to be revealed in the future.

Kid Venom: Origins #1 sets the stage for a new limited series

While Kid Venom: Origins #1 provides a definitive edition of Kintaro’s origin story, it is far from the last readers will see of the character. Marvel recently announced a four-issue Kid Venom limited series, also written and illustrated by Taigami. Due to launch in April, the series promises to bring Kintaro and his symbiote, Clinter, into the present-day Marvel Universe.

An official synopsis for the upcoming series reads as follows: “Japan, 977. Kid Venom has made his presence known to the evil symbiotes taking people and creatures hostage … but who else has their eye on Kintaro and his symbiote? Witness the world of Kid Venom expand as new characters and dangers are revealed!”

“It is an honor,” Taigami said. “I was a big fan of the Marvel Universe since I was in school, so this feels unreal that the characters and the stories that I came up with are in that Universe, and I still can’t believe it!”

Kid Venom: Origins #1 goes on sale January 3, 2024 from Marvel Comics. Kid Venom #1 follows suit on April 17, 2024.

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