Masters and Turtles Collide in Mash-up Turtletor and Tordak Figures

Something seems very familiar about these two independent parody action figures from ToySnobs. Like an ’80s sensibility mixed with one from the ’90s. It’s as if characters who demonstrated mastery over the cosmos became martial-arts trained reptiles in their pre-twenties. More than that probably can’t legally be specified. But Turtletor and Tordak are most definitely plastic action figures with four points of articulation. And one weapon each.

Turtletor already did one run online that sold out fast. As of this writing, he’s still available, but act fast if you want him. The despicable lord of destructiveness comes with a sword of strength. Like other shelled reptilians with a fondness for blue, he leads by some sort of example.

Tordak might be called cool, rude, and ruthless. And one fearsome fighting teen. Just don’t let him hoard all the pizza. Both figures cost $60, because independent limited toys roll like that. Order both for a discount, at $100 for two.

Wondering how these can be legal? So long as no trademarked logos get used and the products resemble clear parodies that cannot be confused for the real thing, it’s allowable. We think. Buy them fast if you have any doubt. All orders are preorders and will close December 6th or at pre-sellout, whichever comes first. Neither figure is endorsed by Mattel, Playmates, or any other company besides ToySnobs.

What do you think of these mashups? Let us know in comments!

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