Masters of the Universe and VeeFriends Skeletor Figure 2-Pack

Your first thought upon reading this is probably “What’s VeeFriends?” The answer, as it so often is, is that it’s to do with NFTs. Wine critic and social-media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk drew a series of Pokemon-like characters and turned them into NFTs. The official website emphasizes the commodity aspect more than any kind of character description or background. But none of that particularly matters for the Masters of the Universe and Veefriends crossover figure two-pack, which consists of two tangible action figures who exist in the real world.

Bone Bros

The set consists of Skeletor and Skilled Skeleton, who’s basically a Vaynerchuk-styled caricature of the bone-faced lord of destruction. Their heads are swappable, and for those who are into NFTs, the set includes a digital Snake Mountain backdrop for VeeFriends.

As for the Skeletor in the set, he utilizes the Origins style body with swap-out parts based on his appearance in the Filmation cartoons. Here he even has different face plates, including a “nice” face straight out of the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special. He’s the first Mattel Skeletor figure to do so. Naturally, he still includes his Havoc staff and sword, while Skilled Skeleton boasts a flex chain and glows in the dark. Both figures come with extra hands.

“Partnering with such an iconic figure like Skeletor feels extremely surreal; this character is a touchstone for all of us from the Gen X era,” said Vaynerchuk, in an emailed press release. “I’m excited to collaborate once again with Mattel following our incredibly successful VeeFriends UNO collaboration. I’m excited to give a hat tip to the collectors of Masters of the Universe – one of my favorite communities in the world. I hope everyone enjoys these special edition toys as much as the team and I have had in creating them. The Mattel team did an incredible job bringing this amazing toy to life.”

The Masters of the Universe VeeFriends Multipack will be available for pre-sale starting October 6, 2023 at 9:00 AM PDT exclusively at Mattel Creations for $45.00.

Take a look at all the official images below:

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