Masters of the Universe: Revolution Scores a Prequel Series at Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics has announced Masters of the Universe: Revolution, a four-issue limited series that serves as a prequel to the upcoming Netflix animated series of the same name.

Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution premieres next Thursday, January 25. Dark Horse‘s printed prequel launches this May. The comic is written by series producers Tim Sheridan, Rob David, and Ted Biaselli; penciled by Daniel HDR; inked by Keith Champagne; colored by Brad Simpson; and lettered by AndWorld Design. The debut issue features a main cover by Dave Wilkins, as well as a variant cover by Tyler Boss. Additionally, Dark Horse has shared Tim Seeley and Simpson’s variant cover for the fourth and final issue.

Check out the covers for Dark Horse’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution below:

What is Dark Horse’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution prequel comic about?

An official synopsis for Dark Horse’s latest Masters of the Universe comic reads as follows: “Journey to the earliest days of one of the universe’s most consequential and fraught team-ups. Hordak is an ambitious general, eager to make his mark; Skeletor is an aspiring mage hungry for power. Joining forces, melding ancient Eternian magic with advanced Horde technology, could bring them all their evil hearts’ desire … but they’ll have to survive each other first.”

Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution is a sequel to the 2021 animated series Masters of the Universe: Revelation — itself a continuation of the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon from the 1980s.

“It’s technology versus magic when He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and something more in MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVOLUTION — the new epic chapter in the battle for Castle Grayskull!” the animated series’ synopsis reads.

“The newly mechanized Skeletor, armed with the might of Motherboard, attacks the heart of Eternia while Prince Adam grapples with a new responsibility and what that means for him as He-Man!” it continues. “Adam is forced to choose between the scepter or the sword, and a life as either the King or the Champion! Meanwhile, the new Sorceress Teela searches for the secret of Snake Magic in the mists of Darksmoke to rebuild a magic realm and help He-Man hold off the greatest threat Eternia has ever faced: the return of the despot Hordak, the ruthless leader of the Horde Empire!”

Masters of the Universe: Revolution #1 goes on sale Wednesday, May 15 from Dark Horse Comics.

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