Mondo Toys Showcase 12-Inch Scale Battle Cat and More at Power-Con

If you thought Mondo ToysMasters of the Universe looked big, pricey, and elaborate before, well, they’ve upped the game. The 12-inch figure line will only increase over the next couple of years with new additions, refreshes, and a massive Battle Cat that He-Man can ride. Yes, the original He-Man figure sold out a while back, but that’s no problem. A new deluxe He-Man (above) will remedy that, complete with removable Thunder Punch and Battle Armor outfits. At their Power-Con panel, the good folks at Mondo indicated they were looking into making the Battle Armor feature functional, but more likely it would include interchangeable plates like the Classics figures.

Battle Cat will feature full articulation and accessories in his final form, but a non-poseable prototype stood guard at Mondo’s booth. Looking majestic and massive. Check it out below:

Expect to pay between $350-$400 for this ferocious feline…and his counterpart, Panthor! Who stands a good chance of being furry and flocked.

Skeletor will also get the deluxe treatment in a year or two, so he can ride his purple cat anew. Other plans for the distant future include Teela and Beast Man, but they’re a while off. Closer are Trap Jaw and Horde Trooper, for whom early designs were shown. Take a look in the gallery below for all the new announcements.

As for quantities — the Mondo team know people are frustrated with quick sellouts. The more people start to buy the figures, the more they can make. But reissues with new accessories serve to freshen the line for new collectors in the meantime.

What do you think of these new Masters of the Universe? Let us know in comments!

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