Nightwing #110 Preview Reveals Origin of New Villain Apex Ava

The Titans: Beast World event has seen many villains rise up to take advantage of the chaos. One of these villains is a newcomer, Apex Ava, who has been highly promoted on DC Comics‘ social media. However, apart from an implied tie to Beast Boy, suggested by her green skin and hair, it is unclear who she is.

The preview of Nightwing #110 by Tom Taylor and Sami Basri confirms the Beast Boy connection. It is here that Apex Ava is revealed to suffer from Sakuita. This is the same rare disease that transformed Garfield Logan into Beast Boy.

However, Apex Ava is revealed to have been a killer before she gained her powers. She also suffers a far more savage trigger for her metagene than Beast Boy did. However, the preview still leaves her powers a mystery, though she is apparently not a shapeshifter.

Check out the first-look preview of Nightwing #110 below:

(Image Source: DC / Sami Basri)

How Apex Ava Connects To Beast Boy

Apex Ava first appeared in a side story in Nightwing #109, although her name was not given there. The story centered upon Damian Wayne, who was investigating why Gotham City has less instances of people being infected by Beast Boy’s Starro drones than other large cities. He concludes that someone is hunting the infected citizens and holding them somewhere.

Damian finds Apex Ava’s lair with ease. However, he still finds himself overpowered by the beast-folk under her apparent control. This leads him to be infected with a Starro drone and transformed into a cat boy.

The implication is that Apex Ava has the ability to control animals and beast folk. This is a common power set to those who tap the Red, the energy which connects all animal life in the DC Universe. It is less clear, however, just what her endgame is in gathering up all of Gotham’s beast folk.

Nightwing #110 arrives in comic book stores everywhere on January 16, 2024.

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