Nightwing and Peacemaker Debate Superhero Fashion With Punches

Fashion is serious business in the world of superheroes, and the clothes make the Superman. Yet different characters have different needs when it comes to their supersuits. Heroes need costumes that inspire confidence and trust, whereas villains and vigilantes seek to inspire fear. Also, a costume design may vary based upon powers, weaknesses, and fighting style.

Titans: Beast World #5 by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis offers a surprising analysis of this phenomenon and the practicalities of superhero costuming. This takes the form of a brief discussion between Nightwing and Peacemaker regarding the merits of their respective outfits. However, because this is a superhero comic, the debate also involves a lot of punching.

The action ensues as Nightwing confronts Amanda Waller in a secret bunker. His hope is that he can talk sense into “the Wall” and persuade her that the Titans can cure the transformed beast-folk Waller plans to execute. She proves less than receptive, however, and tells Peacemaker to deal with the Titans’ leader.

Peacemaker Punches Nightwing
(Image Source: DC / Ivan Reis)

The beatdown that follows is as verbal as it is physical, with Peacemaker critiquing Nightwing’s fashion choices. Specifically, how Nightwing would really benefit from some kind of head protection. It is a choice that doesn’t make sense to Peacemaker, apart from Nightwing wanting to show off his handsome face.
What Peacemaker fails to account for is that Nightwing’s combat style is based on movement and perception. As a former circus acrobat, Dick Grayson honed his body to maximize mobility and flexibility. A helmet would throw off his natural sense of balance and limit his peripheral vision.

Nightwing Offers the Perfect Rebuttal

Nightwing Beats Peacemaker
(Image Source: DC / Ivan Reis)

Ironically, it is this flaw that Nightwing exploits to turn the battle against Peacemaker. While Peacemaker’s trademark helmets protect his head and offer him certain powers, they also limit his field of vision. This is particularly true when they the helmet is twisted around. While Peacemaker briefly held the advantage in a close-quarters brawl, he couldn’t end the fight fast enough to counter Nightwing’s mobility and tactical mind.

Titans: Beast World #5 is now available in comic shops everywhere.

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