Ray Fisher Denies Resignation From The Flash, Says Geoff Johns Will Leave Warner Bros.

Ray Fisher Denies He Resigned From The Flash

Earlier this week, The Wrap reported that Ray Fisher’s time as Cyborg was finished. Over the last few months, Fisher has made misconduct allegations against Justice League reshoots director Joss Whedon, executives Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, as well as DC Films President Walter Hamada. Fisher also went on to say that he will not work with Hamada, shortly after Warner Bros. extended Hamada’s contract.

Now, Fisher is responding to The Wrap, and he is challenging the assertion that he publicly stepped down from the role.

Fisher went on to suggest that Joss Whedon’s recent departure from HBO’s The Nevers was a result of his investigation. Additionally, Fisher indicated that Johns would also be forced out of Warner Bros. in the near future.

Johns is the co-creator and showrunner for Stargirl on The CW. So far, there’s been no other indication that Johns will be stepping down from that role any time soon. Fisher also said that he’s still talking with Warner Bros. parent company, WarnerMedia.

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