Resident Evil’s Avan Jogia Talks Lifetime of Preparing for Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil’s Avan Jogia Talks Lifetime of Preparing for Leon Kennedy

We’ve seen several Paul W.S. Anderson movies focusing on the original character of Alice. So gamers have been waiting a long time for a faithful adaptation of some-time protagonist Leon Kennedy. And one of those gamers is Avan Jogia, the actor cast to portray him in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jogia recalled, “It’s funny because you spend your whole teenagehood wanting to be an adult, and once you become an adult, you spend your entire adulthood trying to prove to the teenager — who dreamed about being an adult — that you became an adult in the way that you promised you would.” And part of that teenagehood? Playing Resident Evil.

Jogia remembers the moment “when I first put on the full tactical gear and looked at myself in the mirror. I thought, ‘Okay, this is a childhood video game character that I now get to embody,’ which is a pretty exciting thing. That speaks to what we just talked about and trying to be the adult that your teenage self wanted to be. So playing a character that I played as a child is pretty high towards the top.”

It certainly made preparation a breeze, as he says. “As far as research for a role goes, this is not bad. I got to play video games all day, so that’s not so bad. I grew up playing Resident Evil 4. I played Leon Kennedy for hundreds of hours before I ever played Leon Kennedy in a movie.”

Did you see the movie? Do you think his fandom paid off? Let us know in comments!

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