Rick and Morty Producer to Write Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie

Rick and Morty Producer to Write Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie

Longtime Dan Harmon collaborator and Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 scribe Michael Waldron clearly impresses the brass at Disney. According to Deadline, part of his new overall deal will include writing a Star Wars movie to be produced by Marvel’s Kevin Feige. While news of Feige’s involvement in a Star Wars project has been known since September, little new information emerged since. Amid all the recent announcements from Disney’s investor day, it didn’t even merit a mention. But Disney still describes the project as a feature film rather than a Disney+ show.

A former production assistant on Community and Rick and Morty, Waldron rose up the ranks at the latter show to become a writer and producer, winning an Emmy for season 4. He also served as writer on Dan Harmon’s HarmonQuest, before Disney snapped him up. He’s the credited writer on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and a writer and executive producer on Loki. The Deadline report suggests he’s already onboard for a second season of the Tom Hiddleston-starring series, which suggests a heavy degree of confidence in him and the show.

Considering how deftly Rick and Morty deals with heavy sci-fi concepts within a satirical framework, there’s plenty of cause for optimism here. We should feel fortunate if Feige’s Star Wars is even half as smart as the average Rick Sanchez escapade.

What do you think of Michael Waldron as a potential Star Wars scribe? Let us know in comments.

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