Rob Liefeld Reveals Proof-of-Concept Trailer for Bloodstrike Movie

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld has revealed a proof-of-concept trailer for a film adaptation of his Image Comics series Bloodstrike.

Liefeld shared the trailer in a post to Instagram. Directed by Phil Silvera, the proof-of-concept footage shows Liefeld’s extreme super-powered assassins in action. Silvera is no stranger to adapting Liefeld’s characters, having previously worked on 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool films. He also worked on the first two seasons of Netflix’s Daredevil series.

Check out the proof-of-concept trailer for Bloodstrike below:

How the proof-of-concept trailer came about

“When taking a comic book from page to screen there are always hurdles, screenplay, screenwriters, talent that attach and move on. It gets old really fast,” Liefeld wrote. “I have waited to connect with a director with the same zeal for the material, someone who can nurture it to the finish line, be a true partner in the process. I met Phil Silvera on the first Deadpool film. He had just completed his work on Daredevil seasons 1 & 2, the architect of those great hallway battles. He was stunt coordinator as well as second unit director on Deadpool and he expressed his immediate and overwhelming knowledge of all things comic books to me.”

Liefeld continued, “Phil had been there at the beginning of my own career and expressed his passion for my library of Extreme characters, there was one that stood out above all the rest, Bloodstrike. He told me we were going to make a film together and he meant it. During the pandemic we got serious and he said he had a few jobs he had to complete before he could turn his full attention to Cabbot and the boys at Project Born Again. He promised he would create and direct a proof of concept for Bloodstrike, showing me his exact approach. Here is your first glimpse of Bloodstrike as we work our way towards a cinematic experience … Watching this amazing footage only reaffirmed that Phil Silvera is the talent to bring this to glorious live action … This is just a tease of what lies ahead…”

What is Bloodstrike?

Bloodstrike originally launched at Image in 1993 under Liefeld’s Extreme Studios imprint. A spin-off of Liefeld’s Youngblood, the series centers on the titular team of formerly-dead super agents, who were resurrected by the government to carry out black-ops missions.

Bloodstrike ran through 1995, with a follow-up miniseries titled Bloodstrike: Assassin launching that same year. The original title was eventually revived in 2012. Coincidentally, that was the same year murmurs of a Bloodstrike film first began. Liefeld was attached to produce alongside Adi Shankar, though that version of the project no longer appears to be moving forward.

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