Rumor: Madame Web Reshoots Took Out ’90s References

A new Madame Web rumor has come out, suggesting that the film‘s reshoots took out any references to the original setting of the 1990s.

On yesterday’s episode of The Hot Mic, insider Jeff Sneider relayed a rumor he had heard about Madame Web’s timeline. Apparently, the Sony and Marvel movie originally took place in the ’90s and seemed to have Andrew Garfield set as the Spider-Man of the movie’s world — even if he didn’t appear in the film itself. However, as the studio changed this to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, it realized the timeline no longer worked, prompting reshoots to remove the ’90s references and setting.

“I heard a rumor — and this is just a rumor,” Sneider clarified. “I was always under the impression that Madame Web was set in the ’90s … that’s what I thought we were told. From what I understand, they thought, for some reason, that Andrew Garfield was going to be the Spider-Man in that world. Not that Andrew Garfield was going to be in the movie, maybe this was for sequels or whatever …

“And then, afterwards, it was decided that it was going to be Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The point was that the ages and the timeline didn’t add up anymore. So I heard that the reshoots for Madame Web … were to remove all the ’90s references from the movie because someone f—ed up on doing the math, as far as ‘Tom Holland’s age would actually be this.’ So I would just say that when Madame Web comes out, don’t expect any ’90s references … they got rid of the ’90s setting because that made sense when it was Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man — not for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.”

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“In a switch from the typical genre, Madame Web tells the standalone origin story of one of Marvel publishing’s most enigmatic heroines,” says the film’s synopsis. “The suspense-driven thriller stars Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, a paramedic in Manhattan who may have clairvoyant abilities. Forced to confront revelations about her past, she forges a relationship with three young women destined for powerful futures . . . if they can all survive a deadly present.”

Who directed Madame Web?

Madame Web is directed by S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones) from a screenplay written by Morbius scribes Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. The film is led by Dakota Johnson as the titular Spider-Man character. Joining Johnson are Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria), Celeste O’Connor (Ghostbusters: Afterlife), Isabela Merced (Transformers: The Last Knight), and Emma Roberts (American Horror Story), along with Golden Globe nominee Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps (The Upshaws), and Adam Scott (Severance).

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