Ryan Reynolds Says Deadpool 3 Could Start Filming Next Year

Although there’s tons of new Marvel content coming our way over the next few years, many fans are primarily excited about Wade Wilson joining the MCU. Kevin Feige has previously confirmed that Deadpool 3 will keep the R-rating that made its forebears successful. Now, Ryan Reynolds is giving us an idea as to when the film could start shooting

While speaking with Collider, Reynolds was asked whether Deadpool 3 could get underway sometime next year. Obviously, there’s still some more work to be done. But once they iron out a few more kinks, a 2022 start date seems likely.

“The percentage chance? I don’t know,” said Reyndolds. “I couldn’t assign a percentage to that. I’d say it’s 50/50 maybe? We’re really actively developing it and getting it into pretty good shape. What the hell month is it? August? Oh next year? Probably pretty damn good. I’d say 70%.”

Reynolds also shared an update on how the film’s screenplay is coming along. Last fall, Marvel hired Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin to pen Deadpool’s return to theaters. And it sounds like Reynolds is impressed with what he’s read so far.

“It’s something that is just a daily process,” added Reyndolds. “Writing is kind of like that, you’ve gotta allot time to do it and walk away, and I’m working with the Molyneuxs on it, it’s been great. They’re incredibly talented and so, so smart. They so understand that world and know how to zig when everyone’s expecting a zag, so it’s been a lot of fun.”

Marvel Studios still hasn’t announced a release date for Deadpool 3. However, fans probably shouldn’t expect it to hit theaters no sooner than Phase 5.

Are you happy to hear that the filmmakers are making headway on the sequel? Let us know in the comment section below!

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