Second Coming: Trinity #6 Preview Heralds the Religious Superhero Satire’s Finale

AHOY Comics has released an official preview for Second Coming: Trinity #6, the final issue of the latest chapter in Mark Russell‘s religious superhero satire saga.

Written by Russell and illustrated by the duo of Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk, Second Coming: Trinity #6 hits comic shops next Wednesday. At this time, AHOY has revealed five fully-lettered preview pages from the “[h]eartbreaking final issue,” which features a cover by the aforementioned Pace. “Sheila and Sunstar must make some tough decisions, ones that will change not only their lives but their son’s life as well,” an official synopsis reads. “It’s never easy to say goodbye…”

Check out the preview for Second Coming: Trinity #6 below:

Jesus Christ rooms with a superhero in Second Coming

Second Coming originally launched as a six-issue limited series in 2019. The comic centers on the superhero known as Sunstar — a Superman analog — who gets a new roommate in the form of none other than Jesus Christ. God commands Sunstar to teach the resurrected Jesus how to use power more forcefully. Jesus, meanwhile, is shocked and dismayed to learn how humanity has twisted his message for profit in the 2,000 years since his death.

A six-issue sequel series, Second Coming: Only Begotten Son, began publication in 2020. Only Begotten Son follows Sunstar’s journey to fatherhood as Jesus’ struggle continues. Second Coming: Trinity launched earlier this year as the third six-part series in the satirical saga. This time around, Jesus finds himself babysitting Sunstar’s super-powered son, Jordan.

Second Coming: Trinity #6 goes on sale September 27 from AHOY Comics.

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