Sideshow Introduces 16-Inch Star Wars General Grievous Figure

It can be easy to forget sometimes that Sideshow still has the license for 1/6 scale Star Wars figures. Mainly because Sideshow also distributes Hot Toys domestically. Hot Toys also does Star Wars in that scale, and as with most things they do, turn out the best and priciest versions imaginable. Competing with them is never a sensible option. But filling in gaps they seem unlikely to get to any time soon? That’s an opportunity. And one that brought about this magnificent General Grievous figure.

Grievous’ design always proves a major challenge for toymakers, because they cannot reuse any pre-existing bodies. Above and beyond that, the movie design cheats some of the things any hypothetical cyborg body in that style could feasibly do. So this figure might not excel at a spider-walk Rather than splitting open, his arms feature interchangeable forearms for open and closed looks. But he has everything else. Including articulated fingers, a lined cape with pockets, four lightsabers and hilts, and a magnaguard staff.

The figure includes multiple ball joints to achieve as many poses as possible, and an action stand to facilitate the more dynamic stances. He stands 16 inches tall when fully upright, though the General tends to hunch forward and not necessarily embrace good posture. At $285, he’s not cheap, but significantly more affordable than a Hot Toys figure of the same size. Preorder now for delivery next summer.

Will your collection encounter some Grievous harm? Check out the full gallery below, and let us know in comments.

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