Starfire, Penguin, Capt. Boomerang Lead McFarlane WonderCon Reveals

McFarlane Toys over the weekend revealed their upcoming DC Multiverse action figure plans, and they’re kicking it off with a new Collectors Series wave that begins preorders on April 2nd. Collectors Series, for those who haven’t been following, generally means the figure comes with a stand for the collector card, more than a couple accessories, and an upsized price closer to $30 than $20. This first wave will include Captain Boomerang (with soft goods coat and scarf), classic Penguin, and DC Rebirth Starfire. The Boomerang wears similar garb as in the first Suicide Squad movie, but does not have a Jai Courtney actor likeness.

Rockin’ on…

That’s just a taste of the upcoming offerings. The next Collector Series wave will include manga Batman, Conner Kent, and Sgt. Rock, who, in a major exception for the line, is expected to come with guns, which have been banned by Warner Bros. from DC toys across all companies for years now. We’ll also see Platinum Edition chase figures of Manhunter, Reverse Flash, and Sportsmaster. The regular Multiverse line will include Tim Drake Robin (Rebirth), Booster Gold, Ambush Bug, and Mr. Freeze

From the Batman movie universe, we’ll see the Tumbler Batmobile, although like the ’89 Batmobile, it’s been downsized to a one-seater. Lucius Fox comes as an exclusive pack-in figure. Then there will be a Batman Forever movie wave, with Batman (Sonar Suit Val Kilmer Batman from the box set, with a sculpted cape), Robin, Riddler, Two-Face, and the nightmare bat as a build-a-figure. The non-poseable 6-inch Movie Maniacs line will add Neo and Trinity from The Matrix, as well as The Dude from the Big Lebowski, Matthew McConaughey from Dazed and Confused, and partly waxed Steve Carell as The Forty Year-Old Virgin.

In the 6-inch Batman: The Animated Series line, McFarlane will finally release the in-scale Jokermobile (with light-up features) as a Target exclusive. Given the size, it should work decently with the 1966 Joker as well. The build-a-figure for the next wave will be Bruce Wayne; collect Bane, HARDAC, Poison Ivy and Phantasm to make him. Note that unlike in the original Hasbro line, the Phantasm figure is large and shaped to look like a big man, even though it’s a smaller woman underneath, in-universe.

Credit to Preternia on X (formerly Twitter) for the news. We should see more official images from McFarlane in the weeks and months to come.

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