Storm Collectibles’ Golden Axe Figures Add Female Warrior Tyris Flare

Storm Collectibles’ Golden Axe Figures Add Female Warrior Tyris Flare

Few ’90s kids likely ever thought Golden Axe would spawn some of the best collectible figures of the 2020s, and yet, here we are. Following the male Ax Battler, Skeleton Soldiers, Death Adder boss and dwarf warrior Gilius Thunderhead, Storm Collectibles finally adds some estrogen. Female warrior Tyris Flare is up next, astride a blue dragon. And like Ax Battler, she’s wearing almost nothing. Which adds to the sales appeal, but has to make the dragon riding really painful.

Having attained the license for almost every major fighting game out there, Storm are experts in the poseable, muscular body form. Golden Axe takes that all the way to basics, though Gilius dresses more modestly. Tyris’ blue dragon appears to be mostly a repaint of Ax Battler’s steed, complete with fire breath clip-on. Tyris herself includes alternate head, sword, and multiple hands for various action poses.

From her official bio: “TYRIS FLARE is the former princess of the Firewood Kingdom, where she lived happily with her parents, the king and the queen. One fateful day, an evil army led by Death Adder invaded her kingdom. Her father and the kingdom’s army tried to fight them off, only to be defeated. Only three citizens of Firewood Kingdom escaped the terrible carnage that ensued: Tyris, Gillius Thunderhead and Ax Battler.”

Check out the gallery below for more images. Then, if you so choose, order her directly from Storm Collectibles. It’s $128 for both Tyris and her dragon, which isn’t bad at all.

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