Strange Things Are Happening in Star Trek: Discovery Episode 3.08 Promo

Step by step, Star Trek: Discovery is proceeding towards the conclusion of its third season. In the latest episode, Michael Burnham kept trying to solve the puzzle of the Burn, the mysterious cataclysm that caused a crisis in the 32nd-century universe. To get more data, she is looking into the project SB-19, an alternative to dilithium developed by the joint efforts of Vulcan and Romulan people on the planet Ni’Var, which is the name the planet Vulcan is going by these days.

Basically, the episode took from the Vulcan-Romulan reunification storyline fans saw in The Next Generation series. Back in 1991, the fifth season of TNG saw actor Leonard Nimoy resuming his role as Spock on the small screen. Much like her foster brother attempted to bring peace between Vulcans and Romulans, Burnham is now attempting to mediate between the Federation and the inhabitants of Ni’Var, who quit the Federation after the SB-19 experiment. But it seems that there is still a long road ahead of her.

Now, CBS All Access has released an official promo for the upcoming eighth episode. It appears that next week we’ll find out more about the origin of the Burn. Jonathan Frakes directed the episode written by Kenneth Lin and Brandon A. Schultz. The streaming service has yet to reveal the official synopsis for the next installment in the series. You can watch the new Star Trek: Discovery Episode 3.08 promo in the player below.

The upcoming Star Trek: Discovery Episode 3.08 will hit CBS All Access on Thursday, Dec. 3.

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