Super7 G.I. Joe Ultimates Bring Real American Heroes to 7-Inch Scale

Having obtained the rights from Hasbro to add Transformers and Power Rangers to their 7-inch Ultimates figure lineup, Super7 finally completed the trifecta with G.I. Joe. The three most powerful action figure licenses that Hasbro owns outright can now display beside each other in a whole new scale. Given the company’s TV-accurate take on the other two, fans expected the G.I. Joe Ultimates to look cartoon accurate. But it turns out they also include parts to give them details from the vintage toys as well.

The initial lineup features rival leaders Duke and Cobra Commander. Future movie star Snake Eyes comes packed with fully articulated Timber the Wolf. And rounding out the assortment, the one wild card: A Cobra B.A.T. trooper. These android soldiers were notable in the vintage line for a 3-D lenticular effect on their chests. In this larger scale, that effect is replicated by actual internal details under a clear chest cover.

All characters feature multiple heads (toy and cartoon-inspired) and a wide array of accessories. The B.A.T. features swap out parts for battle damage, and interchangeable weapon arm attachments like the original. Cobra Commander sports a cloth cape and includes unique items like his scepter and a globe encircled by a snake. In addition to Timber, Snake Eyes includes a jet pack. And all include multiple hands and weapons, including the cartoon-friendly laser rifles that never killed anybody.

Super7 makes these figures to order, and they ring up at the now-standard price of $55. While fans can order directly from Super7, ordering from an authorized retailer like Superhero Hype’s affiliate partner Entertainment Earth saves a bundle on shipping. Take a look in the gallery below for closer lo0ks at the G.I. Joe Ultimates. (Note: Superhero Hype earns fees for every Entertainment Earth purchase made through site links.)

Now that you know what these look like, is that half the battle? Let us know in comments!

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