Super7’s First Power Rangers Ultimates Figure Is Goldar

Super7’s First Power Rangers Ultimates Figure Is Goldar

Over the weekend, Power Morphicon celebrated all things Power Rangers, and it might have been shocking not to get a toy announcement. But surprisingly, it wasn’t Hasbro that pulled out the big guns. Super7, who have taken advantage of Hasbro’s recent propensity for outsourcing their in-house licenses in different scales, busted out their first Power Rangers Ultimates figure. And of course it’s everyone’s favorite villainous flying blue ape Goldar.

Super7’s Ultimates originally spawned from Masters of the Universe Classics, when Mattel briefly outsourced the license. When Mattel took the rights back, Super7 began developing other lines in the same 7-inch scale and style. ThunderCats, Conan, SilverHawks, Disney, Transformers and more now exist in this made-to-order, online-exclusive style. Of their Power Rangers line, Super7 has said they’ll do more TV episode-specific figures than other companies.

Goldar will include alternate heads, closed wings, and hands. Expect a price point around $55. The rest of wave one includes Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Tyrannosaurus DinoZord, and Putty Patroller. Unlike other Power Rangers lines, Super7’s strictly focuses on the Mighty Morphin era…so far.

Whom would you like to see Super7 tackle next? Is a 7-inch scale something to buy into? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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