The Flash’s Daughter Develops a New Speed Force Power

The Speed Force is a versatile energy, granting a variety of abilities to those who tap it. The twin children of Wally West are a prime example of how random the Speed Force can be. Jai West, who fights crime as Surge, channels the Speed Force to enhance his strength. By contrast, Irey “Thunderheart” West is a more traditional speedster. However, Thunderheart just manifested a new power that separates her from The Flash.

Thunderheart’s new power is revealed in the main story of Titans: Beast World Tour: Central City #1. Written by Si Spurrier, with art by Scott Koblish, the comic finds Barry Allen and Iris West cutting their date night short due to rampaging beast folk. This, coupled with the arrival of Thunderheart, sends Barry back into action as The Flash, seeking the other speedsters of Central City.

Thunderheart Can Track Other Speedsters

Thunderheart Reveals Speed Force Tracking Power
(Image Source: DC / Scott Koblish)

Ever inventive, Barry sends a message to the Flash family, using the Cosmic Treadmill like “voices down a tin-can thread.” Despite this, Barry is uncertain that the other heroes got his message. Thunderheart confirms she’s pretty sure her brother didn’t, but she can feel the other heroes responding to Barry’s warning. This revelation stuns Barry, particularly after Thunderheart confirms she can also track the evil speedster Godspeed.

Thunderheart’s ability to sense the presence and actions of her fellow speedsters is impressive. However, this is not the first time the Speed Force has been used in this manner. Dr. Meena Dhawan, who briefly fought crime under the alias Fast Track, also had the power to detect latent Speed Force energy and track those who used it. Regardless, Thunderheart’s new power helps Barry to find the rest of the Flash family and keep tabs on everyone as the crisis unfolds.

Titans: Beast World Tour: Central City #1 is now available in comic shops everywhere.

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