The Kent Family Regroups in New Superman and Lois Trailer

Superman and Lois will return to the CW in just under a week. When we last saw the Kent family in Smallville, they were still in turmoil. While Superman/Clark Kent has been looking to stop Captain Luthor, Jordan Kent has not adjusted well to his new powers. At all. Unlike his father, Jordan seems to lack self control. And that can be deadly when you’re suddenly one of the most powerful individuals on Earth. Additionally, Jordan’s initial use of heat vision has inadvertently empowered other teenagers as well.

Meanwhile, Lois Lane has been digging into the mystery of why Morgan Edge is so interested in Smallville. It’s also been revealed that Edge’s personal assistant, Leslie Larr, has very Kryptonian-like powers. But she’s definitely not on the Kents’ side.

Ahead of Superman and Lois‘ return, The CW has released a new trailer for the upcoming episodes. And it looks like Leslie will be unleashing her heat vision again. In the meantime, Jordan’s anger issues are spiraling out of control.

Additionally, it looks like Captain Luthor may be leveling with Lois about his real mission. In an alternate world, Captain Luthor was married to Lois before Superman destroyed his planet. That’s also why Captain Luthor is gunning for the Man of Steel. Luthor has already introduced himself to Lois in a cover identity. But he’s still got secrets that the audience isn’t aware of yet.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Kent has largely been lost in the mix. The non-superhuman Kent sibling is all-too mortal, and it sounds like he’s had a few close calls in the new footage. Chances are good that Jonathan will eventually get his powers. But if not now, then when?

The sixth episode of Superman and Lois will premiere on Tuesday, May 18.

Have you watched the first few episodes of Superman and Lois? What do you think about the story so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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