The Kents Come Home To Smallville In New Superman and Lois Picture

Next year, the Arrowverse’s Man of Steel and his wife are headlining their own series on The CW: Superman and Lois. Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch will be back as Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane, respectively. But Metropolis’ big city duo will have new responsibilities in this series. Together, they’re raising two teenage sons:  Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin). That may also be why the Kent family is coming home to Smallville.

The CW has released a new picture from Superman and Lois that finds Mr. Kent in a slightly updated version of his secret identity.

Tulloch also shared a statement about what playing Lois means to her as a performer.

“From the very beginning, going back to when she was introduced in 1938, Lois Lane as a character defied society’s expectations of how women should behave,” said Tulloch. “Women at that point were more typically portrayed as demure, but Lois was always opinionated and unapologetic and uncompromising and a career-woman. Part of why she has remained so compelling for so many years is that she’s also vulnerable, and fallible, romantic, and goofy and a clutz – I just find her really appealing.”

Superman and Lois will hit The CW on February 23.

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