The Man of Steel Is a Cowboy in Superman #10 Preview

There are few places that Superman cannot travel in his never-ending battle for truth and justice, but it is still relatively rare for him to travel through time. However, the Man of Steel finds himself playing out his childhood dreams of being a heroic cowboy in Superman #10.

Written by Joshua Williamson with art by Bruno Redondo, Superman #10 finds Clark Kent stranded in the American West. His recent battle with Doctor Pharm and Mister Graft has left him powerless as well as displaced in time. Thankfully, he’s not alone, with the ghostly vigilante Marilyn Moonlight being similarly stranded. Even without his powers, Clark Kent will do whatever he can to help those in need of a hero.

Check out the first-look preview of Superman #10 below:

(Image Source: DC / Bruno Redondo)

Weird Western Tales

Superman #10 continues DC Comics‘ long tradition of Western comics with supernatural elements. There are innumerable stories where various heroes traveled back in time to the American West. There are also multiple miniseries like Justice Riders that tell tales of alternate Earths where the Justice League was formed in the Old West.

The same thing has happened in reverse, with western heroes traveling to the time of Superman and beyond. The most famous example of this is Jonah Hex. The 1985 Hex series found the bounty hunter transported to a post-apocalyptic Seattle by an aspiring warlord with time travel technology. The series only lasted 18 issues and it was never explained how Hex got back to his own time.

This has happened so often it has been referenced in other DC media. Jonah Hex was a frequent partner of the Legends of Tomorrow in the Arrowverse. He was also one of the heroes from DC’s line of Western comics who appeared in the Justice League Unlimited episode “The Once and Future Thing.”

Superman #10 arrives in comic book stores everywhere on January 16, 2024.

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