ThunderCats Ultimates Figures Get a Massive, 27-Inch Long Thundertank

What the Batmobile is to Batman, the Thundertank is to ThunderCats. The signature vehicle of the animated series and LJN toyline was even more important to the heroes than their home base Cat’s Lair. Nearly every episode, Lion-O would send up the cat-signal from the Sword of Omens’ Eye of Thundera, and the Thundertank would roll in for backup. The original toy never quite sized up with the one in the cartoon, as LJN needed it to be affordable. But now that HasLab projects and oversize remakes of Masters of the Universe’s Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain found buyers, Super7‘s doing it right.

Yes, a Thundertank not just scaled to their 7-inch figures, but scaled correctly so that it can fit all six main cats. At 27 inches long and 17 inches wide, it’s four times the size of the classic toy.

So how much will this behemoth set you back? A whopping $450, which is more than Castle Grayskull or Hasbro’s Razor Crest, but less than Snake Mountain. And payment plans will become available. Preorders should open Feb 2nd for about a month. Expected delivery is early next year, but this seems like the kind of item that may get delayed a time or two.

An early teaser image suggested there may be glow-in-the-dark deco, though it also could be Photoshop. Other features and details will be revealed later. At the very least, the “paws” should rise up for battle mode.

While the vehicle means a lot to fans, the cost might not work for everyone. But that’s why Super7 makes things to order.

Will you summon the Thundertank home? Let us know in comments.

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