Tidal Wave Is the Newest Titan Class and Combiner Transformer

Do you like your transforming robots huge, chunky, and heavy? Hasbro‘s latest Transformers release has you covered. Prefer something a bit lighter? Covered as well, because this Titan Class giant can break down into three separate vehicles. Tidal Wave is thus both Titan and Combiner — and up for pre-order as of today on most sites where toy robots are sold.

Titan in Ship-Shape

Like many of the Titan Class, Tidal Wave can transform from 19-inch tall robot to a battle base. But that’s not all he can do. Take him apart and he can form three ships that make up the Dark Fleet. Then combine those ships together to make a much larger warship. He offers so many ways to attack Autobots that deep-pocketed fans may even want to own more than one. He’s $199.99, but considering the play value and features, that’s not bad. Consider how many 12-inch figures nowadays cost even more than that, or the price of G.I. Joe HasLab vehicles.

The transformation from robot to battle station takes 23 steps, according to Hasbro. The Dark Fleet ships can also combine with Armada Universe Megatron or Galvatron, sold separately.

Tidal Wave hails from the Armada universe, in which he is a large force of destruction fond of saying his own name aloud. That’s not exactly a trait that makes his colleagues rate his intelligence highly, but he’s more single-minded than stupid. He’s also willing to put aside his differences with adversaries when necessary, like when Unicron shows up and requires every Transformer to defeat him.

We might wonder how well a transforming, sentient battleship would fare against Godzilla. Well, when both are in your home toy box? That battle is in your hands.

Check out the official images of Tidal Wave below:

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