Titan Comics Announces New Dark Souls Series: The Willow King

This January, Titan Comics‘ line of Dark Souls comic books continues with Dark Souls: The Willow King, a new four-issue limited series from writer George Mann and artist Maan House.

Per Titan, Dark Souls: The Willow King follows “HERAD THE UNLIVED — a poor soul who failed to link the First Flame — as he is resurrected as an Unkindled by the mighty King USTRAD UTHREL. Ordered to seek out a revived Lord of Cinder, known as THE WILLOW KING, Herad must unite three mighty warriors and venture on a perilous journey into the unknown.” Issue #1 features a main cover by Stephanie Hans, as well as variant covers by House, Alan Quah, Nick Marinkovich, and Diego Yapur.

Check out the cover art for Dark Souls: The Willow King #1 below:

George Mann talks Dark Souls: The Willow King

“I’m overjoyed to be returning to the dark, grim, Hollow-ridden world OF DARK SOULS for this brand-new comic series,” Mann said. “Like an Unkindled, we’re rising from the ashes to bring you something entirely new and exciting. We’ll journey with Heroth the Unlived as he and his companions seek out a reluctant Lord of Cinder, The Willow King, to try to bend him to his task. Expect new monsters! Giants! Unseen horrors! Dungeon delves and ruined cities! Will the flame ever be linked? You’ll have to read to find out … unless the Hollows get to you first…”

“I am extremely excited to work with George and Maan to return to the world of DARK SOULS and seek to link the flame once more!” editor Calum Collins added. “In this story, a band of desperate ashen hollows will attempt to link the flame where they once failed, venturing into the creaking monster-filled domain of the Willow King to accomplish their goal. Expect grim gothic vistas, twisted monsters, and an epic quest into a dungeon unlike any seen before.”

The Willow King marks the latest entry in Titan’s Dark Souls comic book saga. The publisher’s adaptation of the popular video game franchise began in 2016 with Mann and Quah’s four-part series Dark Souls: The Breath of Andolus. Later that year, Titan published the two-part anthology series Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame.

Mann and Quah soon re-teamed for another four-part series, Dark Souls: Winter’s Spite. Another two-part anthology titled Dark Souls: Tales of Ember followed suit in 2017. Most recently, Titan published Ryan O’Sullivan and Anton Kokarev’s four-part series Dark Souls: The Age of Fire in 2018.

Dark Souls: The Willow King #1 goes on sale January 31, 2024 from Titan Comics.

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