Titans #6 Preview Reveals Common Bond of Starfire and Nightwing

While not currently dating, Nightwing and Starfire are one of the most popular romantic pairings in DC history. On the surface, the two seem an odd couple; a warrior princess and a down-to-earth vigilante. Still, the two found young love in the pages of Teen Titans, and grew to maturity as Titans.

Titans #6 by Tom Taylor and Travis Moore reveals how the two young heroes first bonded. This revelation is delivered during the flashback that opens the issue, as Starfire recalls the invasion of Tamaran when she was a child. The flashback also details how the young Koriand’r led a slave revolt before joining the Titans.

Check out the Titans #6 preview below:

(Image Source: DC / Travis Moore)

Starfire and Robin bonded over their parents’ deaths

Starfire reflects that she and Dick Grayson had a common pain which bonded them together after they met. Both watched their parents die at a young age. The first Robin famously lost his parents to an act of sabotage. The preview confirms that, in the Dawn of DC timeline, Starfire’s parents were killed during the invasion of Tamaran.

Beyond offering some insight into how two seemingly different heroes found common ground, the preview also expands upon the origins of Starfire in Teen Titans. Originally, Tamaran was said to have fallen to the fascist Citadel. This is still the case in the new timeline, but the Citadel are explicitly said to be acting on behalf of the Dominators.

This revision, coupled with Starfire’s more active role as a freedom fighter trying to liberate her people. suggests that Starfire’s backstory may be further revamped. It also adds to the mystery of Brother Eternity, who was previously revealed to be a Tamranian posing as human.

Titans #6 arrives in comic shops everywhere on December 26, 2023.

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