Titans: Beast World Confirms a Longtime Nightwing Ally Knows His Secret Identity

Like many vigilantes, Dick Grayson guards his secret identity closely. While Nightwing is one of DC‘s friendlier heroes, few outside the Titans (or the Bat-family) know his real name. However, one of Dick Grayson’s civilian friends was revealed to have figured out the secret on her own.

Titans: Beast World #3 by Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer found Nightwing tending to Batman, who has been transformed into a wolf-man. Thankfully, one of Dick Grayson’s oldest friends, Dr. Bridget Clancy, was an expert on infectious diseases. He called her into Titans Tower, as Nightwing, to seek her expertise on treating the Beast Plague.

While Dr. Clancy was happy to help, she noted that Nightwing appeared to be injured. She asked him to remove his mask, so she could check him for a concussion. When he refused, Dr. Clancy revealed that she knew Nightwing was Dick Grayson, and had known for some time.

Bridget Clancy Knows Dick Grayson is Nightwing

Who is Dr. Bridget Clancy?

Bridget Clancy first appeared in the 1996 Nightwing series. She was originally introduced as the superintendent of the apartment building Dick Grayson lived in upon first moving to Blüdhaven. The two enjoyed a long flirtation, but ultimately decided to stay friends.

Bridget Clancy moved to New York City to study medicine after Dick arranged for her to receive a Wayne Foundation scholarship. He later reached out to her, as Nightwing, at a time when he and the Titans were based in New York City. Some readers theorized Bridget knew exactly why the superhero sought her out, but it was never confirmed.

It is not revealed exactly when Dr. Bridget Clancy figured out Nightwing is Dick Grayson. It is suggested, however, that it was early on in their relationship. She makes direct reference to having “caught a few things” sharing the same apartment building and working night shifts.

Titans: Beast World #3 is now available at comic shops everywhere.

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