Todd McFarlane’s Biggest Toy Ever Is a Batman Monster Truck

Todd McFarlane’s Biggest Toy Ever Is a Batman Monster Truck

How much will it cost? We don’t know. Where will it be sold? We don’t know that either. But Todd McFarlane already has in his hands a packaged sample of the Batmobeast, a Batman monster truck, which he claims is McFarlane Toys biggest item ever. That’s a grand claim — McFarlane Toys originated the quarter-scale horror action figures now made by NECA. And they also did a Spawn Alley playset early on that was intricate and big, scaled to the then-smaller figures.

But vehicles for 7-inch figures seldom get made. Especially anything bigger than a motorcycle. And one thing Todd does reveal about the Batmobeast is that the top comes off to fit a figure inside. Maybe more than one. Watch the demo video below:

In comics, the Batmobeast is an evil Batman whose consciousness once possessed all technology, but now remains stuck in the body of a monster truck. Although powerful, he’s as vulnerable to hacking as any other piece of technology. And yes, other characters can ride in him.

Still, even to kids of all ages who don’t read the current Batman comics, it’s a freakin’ Batman monster truck. It doesn’t take a ton of backstory to grasp that appeal.

How much would you pay for the Batmobeast? Let us know in comments!

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