Transformers Legacy Toys, New Media Reveals at Pulse Con 2021

With the conclusion of the War for Cybertron trilogy on Netflix, the next iteration of Transformers toy branding takes the name of Transformers Legacy. Much like Masters of the Universe lately, this line will go into the multiverse, including characters from all iterations in a cohesive style. The figures also include an Energon weapons feature, where the accessories can combine and customize. Kicking off the first line will be Prime Arcee, G2 Laser Prime, Bulkhead, Kickback, Skids, and dragstrip. that last one will indeed be a Stunticon, and ultimately combine when his comrades get made.

For a Pulse Con exclusive, a special Unicron companion Galvatron comes in a Tron-like translucent deco. But more than that, he also comes with set of tiny minifigs of the 1986 movie’s main cast. They’re designed to be roughly in scale with the giant HasLab Unicron. Most of these figures will go up for preorder on Hasbro Pulse at 4pm eastern for members, and 5pm for all.

In further Transformers entertainment, a live tour will allow fans to interact with life-size Autobots and Decepticons. A new virtual reality game allows folks to interact without leaving the couch. And Transformers characters will join the online mythology-themed battle game Smite, to team with and challenge the gods.

Finally, a set video from the new movie Rise of the Beasts revealed Cheetor will appear in it. No word on who does the voice, yet.

Check out the gallery below for some first looks. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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