Transformers Meet Universal Monsters With New Draculus Mashup

Up until now, most Transformers cross-property mashups have been straightforward vehicle-to-robot. The Back to the Future DeLorean as Gigawatt, for example, or Ecto-1 as Ectotron. The only major departure from vehicles utilized Beast Wars Megatron for a Jurassic Park T-rex, and required very little retooling. So, much like mirrors to vampires, we did not see this one coming. In the latest crossover, Transformers collide with Universal Monsters. Meet Draculus, a robot who’s decked out like Bela Lugosi and transforms into a mechanical bat.

From the official description: “We are dealing with the undead…an undead Decepticon! Draculus rises from stasis under the cover of darkness and feeds on the Energon of the living. The Draculus figure is inspired by the vampire from the 1931 Universal Pictures film, Dracula. Figure converts into bat mode in 23 steps. Figure features details inspired by the Dracula movie, including black and white deco inspired by the black and white movie release. Comes with cape, blaster, and Impaler claw accessories.”

Draculus’ cape becomes his wings in bat form, while his blasters serve him best as a robot. Expect him to hit Target shelves by Halloween, but fans can also preorder for November delivery at Hasbro Pulse for $31.99. If he sells well, don’t be surprised to see Frankenbot or Mummicon somewhere in the future. But Dracula makes the most sense, since he is in many ways the original Transformer. The movies frequently showed him becoming a bat; in the original novel he also takes wolf form.

For a few more images, look in the gallery below. Will you be a sucker for this guy? Let us know in comments.

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