X-Men #29 First Look Debuts Doctor Doom’s Very Own Mutant Team

Marvel Comics has released a first-look preview for X-Men #29 — which officially introduces Doctor Doom‘s very own team of X-Men.

X-Men #29 hits comic shops early this coming December from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Joshua Cassara. The issue also features a main cover by Cassara. At this time, Marvel has unveiled four unlettered preview pages, plus Cassara’s design sheets for the members of Doom’s X-Men. The aforementioned pages see Doctor Doom communicating telepathically with Professor X prior to the fall of Krakoa. The ruler of Latveria then assembles his own mutant recruits.

Check out the first-look preview for X-Men #29 below:

Marvel teases big things for Doom’s X-Men

The House of Ideas suggests that Victor von Doom’s loyal team of Latverian mutants has a significant role to play in the Marvel Universe going forward. “While Kate Pryde, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, and the other X-Men languish at rock bottom in a world that hates and fears them, Doom’s X-Men will enjoy a glorious moment in the sun that lasts through FALL OF X … and beyond,” the publisher writes.

In the meantime, an official synopsis for X-Men #29 reads as follows: “DOOM’S X-MEN! That’s right — Doctor Doom has his very own team of Latverian mutants, loyal to the benevolent leader that keeps their country safe, and they make their spectacular debut in this issue! The X-Men may be in the midst of a fall … but they’re not letting Doom’s personal squad take their title without a fight!”

X-Men #29 goes on sale Wednesday, December 6 from Marvel Comics.

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