Guardians of the Galaxy: All Drax Outfits and Where to Find Them

Players can customize Drax‘s appearance with eight outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Two are given to the player by default, while the others can be found throughout the game’s story by exploring the different worlds and locations. This guide will walk players through the different outfits and show where they can be obtained.

Many of the bonus outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy are part of sets shared between all team members. For example, each character has a movie outfit, specific comic outfits and a final outfit designed for the endgame. The descriptions for each outfit detail its origins, providing credit to comic creators as applicable. These descriptions also offer Drax’s commentary on each outfit’s backstory and what he thinks of them.

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This outfit is Drax’s standard design for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Drax will have this outfit unlocked and equipped from the beginning of the game.

Players can find Drax’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) movie outfit in chapter four. Players must choose to sell Rocket to Lady Hellbender in order to explore the fortress and find Drax’s outfit in the underground tunnels. When on the run from the security drones, the Guardians will find themselves in a storage bay. Instead of exiting the bay with the rest of the team, Star-Lord can continue jumping along the platforms straight ahead. On the last platform is a chest hidden behind storage crates.

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Players can find Drax’s Nova Corps outfit in chapter five. The chest containing this outfit is behind the locked door in the waiting room. This room is adjacent to the one with the access tunnel Star-Lord sends Rocket through. Once Rocket starts playing with the circuitry, Star-Lord can direct the power to the locked door in order to open it.

Players can find Drax’s Cage Match outfit in chapter eight. After the ordeal with the skiffs on Sacrosanct, the Guardians will land at a circular walkway. Directly opposite of the doors leading to the exit is Drax’s Cage Match outfit.

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Players can find Drax’s Thanos Imperative outfit in chapter 12. After fighting their way to the open space surrounded by large Faith energy storage units on Knowhere, Drax can drag out a large cube of storage containers so that Star-Lord can climb onto the platform above. The Thanos Imperative outfit is just a jump away after he climbs up.

Players can find Drax’s Katathian Monk outfit in chapter 13. After the Guardians slide down a long ice tunnel, players can see a path to the left. This path is lined with poisonous plants, but at the end of it is the Katathian Monk outfit.

Players automatically receive Drax’s Golden Guardians outfit at the beginning of chapter 14.

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