Star Wars: 8 Characters From The Sequel Trilogy Who Should’ve Died But Didn’t

Since taking over Lucasfilm, some of the most contentious Star Wars content that Disney has released would unquestionable the sequel trilogy that ran from 2015 to 2019. While 2015’s The Force Awakens released to generally favorable reviews – namely because it retreaded the plot of A New Hope – both The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker deeply divided fans and critics over how the story should have played out.

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By the time The Rise of Skywalker hit the silver screen in 2019, there was a general consensus among the public that Disney lacked a clear vision of where the trilogy was meant to wind up going into the projects. This left fans confused as to the deaths of certain characters, the return of unexpected characters, and the outright disappearance of others.

8 BB-9E Ousted Finn And Rose

When The Force Awakens swept away the North American box office in 2015, an immediate fan-favorite among moviegoers and Star Wars fans was the amicable roly-poly droid known as BB-8. In fact, for some, Poe Dameron’s new sidekick went so far as to replace the legendary R2-D2 as the droid mascot for the franchise.

Given BB-8’s popularity, it was inevitable that he was going to have a sinister counterpart, complete in black (just as R2-D2 did). That droid is none other than BB-9E, a droid aboard The Supremacy who is responsible for turning Finn and Rose over to the First Order. While BB-9E doesn’t resurface again in The Rise of Skywalker, fans can’t help but wonder if the sneaky droid somehow survived the mega Star Destroyer’s destruction in The Last Jedi.

7 No Justice Was Ever Dealt To Unkar Plutt

When fans are first introduced to Rey on Jakku, it’s quickly established that the scavenger lives a hard life. Searching through old, collapsing Imperial Star Destroyers, Rey can barely scrounge enough materials to make ends meet. To make life even more difficult, her ruthless employer Unkar Plutt is known to lack tolerance towards scavengers who fail to meet their regular quota.

During The Force Awakens, Rey approaches the Crolute when after bringing in a haul; while Plutt offers next to nothing for her scrap metal, his interest is piqued by her new companion, BB-8. After she refuses to sell the droid, however, Plutt sends thugs to steal BB-8 from her, to no avail. While Plutt gets a sort of comeuppance when Finn and Rey steal the Millennium Falcon, Rey never returns to Jakku to give Plutt the proper dues he deserves.

6 DJ Escapes After Betraying Finn And Rose

The Last Jedi sees Resistance fighters Finn and Rose embark on an ultimately fruitless mission to disable a tracking device aboard The Supremacy that the First Order is using to pursue the Resistance fleet through hyperspace. In order to do so, the two head to Canto Bight to find a slicer to aid them in their task.

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Enter Benicio Del Toro‘s DJ, a hacker who agrees to help Finn and Rose. Unfortunately, the group is captured after boarding Supreme Leader Snoke’s flagship. To make matters worse, DJ sells out the Resistance by revealing their plan to flee to Crait in order to buy his freedom. Despite his despicable actions, fans never hear from him again, suggesting the traitor likely got off Scot-free when he should’ve rightfully kicked the bucket.

5 Wedge Antilles Makes An Anticlimactic Cameo

One of the heroes of the Rebellion, Denis Lawson’s Wedge Antilles finally makes a cameo in the closing act of The Rise of Skywalker. Ironically, this mirrors his rise to prominence during the original trilogy, where he takes on a larger role as the leader of Rogue Squadron during Return of the Jedi.

Of course, Lawson’s role in The Rise of Skywalker is limited to the gunner’s cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, making his presence much smaller in the sequel movie. Antilles’ cameo, however, ultimately feels inconsequential – Lawson could have stood to be of more use as an unfortunate casualty of Palpatine‘s Force lightning that incapacitates the Resistance fleet. Instead, Palpatine’s attack has little to no bearing on the actual results of the battle.

4 Rose Tico Didn’t Deserve To Be Sidelined

Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico has garnered more than her fair share of haters. Granted, while it was exciting to see a new host of characters for The Last Jedi, Rose Tico’s arc was certainly a confusing one that didn’t make a ton of sense. It likely didn’t help that John Boyega and Tran didn’t share much on-screen chemistry.

Consequently, when Rose Tico saves Finn during the Battle of Crait and then proceeds to kiss him, it left many fans confused. Muddling the waters even more was the fact that despite her showing up in The Rise of Skywalker, she barely gets any screen time, let alone noteworthy lines. A heroic sacrifice for the character would’ve been a much better way to close Rose’s arc than relegating her to the status of an extra for the final film.

3 Lando Calrissian Wouldn’t Outlast Han Solo

It’s no secret that Han Solo perishes at the hands of his son – Ben Solo a.k.a. Kylo Ren – during the events of The Force Awakens. In fact, it was one of Harrison Ford’s stipulations when he signed on to do the sequel trilogy. What’s incredulous, however, is Disney’s belief that Lando Calrissian would somehow outlast the fan-favorite smuggler from Corellia.

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Billy Dee Williams’ appearance in The Rise of Skywalker as the smooth-talking gambler suggests that the character was more an afterthought in Disney’s plans when putting together the sequel trilogy. If Lando isn’t able to outplay Han when it comes to a game of Sabacc (even while cheating), there’s no way the Socorro man would outwit his infamous comrade in a game of life-and-death.

2 Poe Dameron Didn’t Have Anything To Do

Poe Dameron very much takes on the role of Princess Leia in The Force Awakens as an individual in distress who enables a droid to escape with secret plans that the heroes desperately need. Besides that, the Resistance pilot doesn’t really have a major impact on the trilogy, beyond leading the occasional mutiny and becoming a leader of the Resistance.

After the The Force Awakens debuted, Isaac revealed that his character was originally meant to be killed off early in the movie – likely at the hands of Kylo Ren and the First Order during the assault on Lor San Tekka’s camp. While J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy eventually reversed this decision, the revelation does leave fans wondering how the sequel trilogy would have shaped up had the other main character been given the screen time Isaac had.

1 Rey Should’ve Sacrificed Herself To Save Ben

While perhaps it would be a bold and controversial choice to kill Daisy Ridley’s Rey off at the end of The Rise of Skywalker, it would’ve made more narrative sense than the ending as is. Rey sacrificing herself to preserve the legacy of the Jedi and protect the galaxy would’ve made for an excellent motivator for Ben Solo to contemplate the gravity of his actions and reconsider his allegiance to the Dark Side.

It’d make sense for Ben Solo to survive the events of The Rise of Skywalker so he can preserve his family namesake as the title of the movie suggests, instead of Rey oddly adopting the surname of a family she barely knew. At the very least, it would’ve made for a more conclusive ending to the Skywalker Saga.

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