RUMOR: ‘The Batman’ Spin-Off Movie Focusing On Scarecrow In Development

Fear descends upon Gotham City! According to a new rumor, Scarecrow is set to have his own film set within the universe of Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe.

This rumor once more comes from Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, who recently revealed on his Patreon that Matt Reeves is working on a Scarecrow solo film set in the universe of The Batman. If true, it would be far from the first project to expand Reeves’ Gotham City, with The Penguin set to premiere on Max in 2024.

For as silly as the name Scarecrow is, Jonathan Crane has become a rather iconic Batman villain in recent years. Unlike other rogues who are killer clowns or sentient globs of clay, Crane is simply a scientist who designed a specialized toxin to spread fear across Gotham City.

Such a grounded villain would fit perfectly into the universe Matt Reeves created with The Batman. However, it is also unlikely DC Studios would want to expand The Batman universe too far with its own reboot coming to pass soon.

The Future of The Batman Series

The first movie ended with Batman apprehending the Riddler, who has flooded Gotham City, though details about Part II are currently scarce. Matt Reeves is co-writing the script of the sequel with Mattson Tomlin.

The heads of DC Studios recently revealed that The Batman: Part II is set to hit theaters on October 2025. The first movie earned $770.8 million at the worldwide box office, a figure that makes it the seventh highest-grossing movie of 2022.

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