Avengers United: 25-Issue Infinity Comics Series Launches on Marvel Unlimited

Avengers United — a new ongoing digital-only Infinity Comics series — has officially launched on Marvel Unlimited.

Marvel released Avengers United #1 during the “Avengers Assemble: A This Week in Marvel Special Event” panel at New York Comic Con today. Hailing from Derek Landy, Marcio Fiorito, and Erick Arciniega, the digital comic kicks off an “epic 25-issue arc” starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

“There is a certain immediacy that you can get with this kind of digital comic — where it’s one panel at a time and you’re scrolling for the next reveal or surprise — that is tremendous fun to play with,” Landy said. “Luckily, I’ve been partnered with Marcio, who delivers that cohesion and that rhythm in effortless and stylish fashion.”

“I love Derek’s way of telling a story,” Fiorito added. “For an artist, it’s gratifying to be able to build on the story, and Derek really allows me to do that. Also, Derek writes in a way that alternates between big action scenes and cool character moments. What more could an artist want?”

Avengers United introduces a new alien race to the Marvel Universe

The opening arc of Avengers United also introduces Ghesh, an all-new race of Marvel aliens. “The Ghesh are a technologically advanced race who have quietly, and without incident, spread their influence throughout their corner of the galaxy,” Landy explained. “They’re the kind of aliens you’d want to make first contact with, quite honestly. But they have a moon, Yun-To, on which lies their first-ever colony, and relations between the two cultures have been strained as of late.”

“Let’s just say that this time the Avengers have no idea what’s coming their way,” Fiorito added. “The Ghesh definitely are much more than meets the eye!”

Check out an official preview for Avengers United #1 below:

Avengers United #1 is currently available on Marvel Unlimited. New chapters of the digital comic arrive on the platform every Thursday.

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