Birds of Prey Harley Quinn and Batman Beyond Blight by McFarlane Toys

Two long-awaited reveals from McFarlane Toys here. First, Birds of Prey Harley Quinn from the movie, which the company initially announced as part of their very first wave of DC Universe figures. When she never materialized, and the movie left theaters, fans assumed there must have been some mistake. Maybe they mislabeled the animated Harley? But in fact, McFarlane Toys must have just taken their time to make it better. Because the final prototype just got revealed, and it looks better than anything in that first wave. Clad in the gold overalls and roller skates, Harley comes with her mallet and that oh-so-craveable bodega breakfast sandwich.

Harley will hit retailers sometime later this year. As will Blight, the arch-villain from Batman Beyond. Fans know Blight’s design as one of translucent skin over a glowing skeleton, but that’s a bit tough to pull off on a 22-point articulated body. So the McFarlane version includes his special containment suit. He continues the year-long slow release of a four-figure Batman Beyond build-a-figure wave. Collect Shriek, Batman Beyond, and Batwoman Beyond as well to complete the Jokerbot.

Are you happy to finally get this version of Harley? What about Blight? Let us know what you think in comments below.

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