Dawn of DC Promises a ‘Trinity of Evil’ in 2024

DC has revealed some of what readers can expect as the Dawn of DC initiative continues into 2024.

Later this month, Dawn of DC’s next big saga kicks off within the pages of Titans: Beast World, in which DC’s heroes and villains will fight to “retain their humanity.” According to the Burbank-based publisher, a “Trinity of Evil” will arise to capitalize on the ensuing chaos as the storyline bleeds over into the new year.

Amanda Waller has big plans for the DC Universe

One major individual looking to capitalize on the events of Titans: Beast World is Amanda Waller, leader of the Suicide Squad. DC explains that Waller plans to “rid humanity of metahumans once and for all, and at any cost.” She sets her plan into motion in Action Comics #1060 and Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis #1, both of which go on sale on December 12, 2023.

The first phase of Waller’s scheme involves forming an all-new Task Force X — with none other than Arrowverse original Nia Nal/Dreamer at its center. Readers will learn more about what The Wall has in store when Suicide Squad: Dream Team launches in March 2024. In the meantime, check out the cover art for Action Comics #1060 and Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis #1 below:

God save the (Brainiac) Queen

All that being said, Waller’s machinations aren’t the only thing the DC Universe has to worry about. DC has also revealed more details regarding Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval‘s “House of Brainiac” arc, which play out within the pages of Action Comics, Superman, and a Superman/Brainiac one-shot in 2024.

This story arc marks the introduction of the Brainiac Queen, who — alongside Brainiac and Superman — will “play [a] crucial [role] in DC’s 2024 plans.” At this time, DC has revealed official design artwork of the Brainiac Queen. Check that out below:

Zur En Arrh has the last laugh

Rounding out DC’s promised “Trinity of Evil” is none other than Batman‘s Zur En Arrh persona. Starting in December 2023’s Batman #140, “The Dark Knight will not only face his most brutal battle yet with The Joker, but Zur En Arrh will finally reveal his master plan in his relentless pursuit of eradicating all crime!”

This leads into the “Dark Prisons” arc, which will play out in Batman #145-148 in the spring of 2024. In this tale, “Batman will have to face a terrifying figure from his past in order to survive Zur’s onslaught.” And, just to bring things full circle, the Dark Knight will have Amanda Waller and the U.S. military waiting for him if he survives. Until then, check out the cover art for Batman #140 and #141 below:

“From the start of Dawn of DC in January 2023, through next Summer, DC continues to build storylines that will deliver major consequences throughout the DC Universe by the end of 2024,” the publisher explains.

Titans: Beast World #1 goes on sale November 28, 2023 from DC.

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