DC’s Musical Villains Rebrand for Social Media

Evolution is a fact of life in the world of business. Survival requires adaptation. The same is true in the world of DC Comics as costumes and gimmicks are often changed to match modern aesthetics. One new team of music-themed villains is now updating their looks and methods for the social media age.

One subplot in Speed Force #2 by Jarrett Williams, Daniele Di Nicuolo, and Francesco Mortarino involves a new app called Symphonee. Similar to Soundcloud and Spotify, Symphonee allows people in the DC Universe to make music playlists to share with their friends. While the popularity of Symphonee was seemingly unrelated to Speed Force’s main storyline involving kidnapped scientists and brainwashed speedsters, the end of Speed Force #1 revealed that the people running Symphonee were under the control of the Music Meister.

Possessing the power to make people do what he says while singing, the Music Meister used his powers to turn the world around him into his own private musical. However, Speed Force #2 confirmed that Music Meister is not working alone and is not the boss of Symphonee.

The Fiddler Calls the Tune For the Music Meister

Symphonee Revealed in Speed Force #2
(Image Source: DC)

In a press conference at the end of Speed Force #2, Isaac Bowin revealed himself as the CEO of Symphonee. Isaac Bowin is the real name of the Fiddler. A DC villain and enemy of the Jay Garrick Flash, Bowin is a powerful hypnotist, yet can only work his magic by playing the violin.

Bowin claimed to have mended his ways, teaming with others who wanted to share his love of music. This included Music Meister, their fashion advisor Mad Mod, and the speedsters Mas y Menos. Bowin also announced a massive concert, to be held that weekend outside Keystone City.

Mad Mod, Music Meister, and Fiddler are notable as DC villains with limited mind control powers. It seems clear that Symphonee is a means to an end. It is less clear, however, if the fashionista felons have some larger goal beyond money, power, and fame.

Speed Force #2 is now available in comic shops everywhere.

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