Dead X-Men: Mutants Rise From the Grave in New Marvel Series

Marvel Comics has announced Dead X-Men, a new four-issue limited series that revives five deceased mutants for the impossible mission of preventing Krakoa’s downfall.

Set to launch in January, Dead X-Men teams writer Steve Foxe (Dark X-Men, Spider-Woman) with multiple acclaimed artists — including Vincenzo Carratù, Bernard Chang, and Jonas Scharf. According to Marvel, the upcoming series will “revisit the key moments in realities’ past that paved the way to Krakoa as a team of fallen mutants are sent through history by Professor X on a desperate mission to reverse Krakoa’s fate!”

Check out Pere Pérez‘s cover art for Dead X-Men #1 below:

What to expect from Dead X-Men

Dead X-Men is one of several new titles spinning out of Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X. An official synopsis for the four-part series reads as follows: “Death was only the beginning! When the world turned against Krakoa, these five mutants lost their lives … but their mission as X-Men is just getting started. To preserve Xavier’s dream, they must accomplish the impossible — or die again trying!”

“DEAD X-MEN is one of the most complex stories I’ve worked on at Marvel, but also one of purest: a small group of mutants who have to accomplish the impossible, which is the premise that made me fall in love with the X-Men in the first place,” Foxe said.

“I’ve been working closely with Kieron [GiIlen] and Jordan [White] to make sure that the mission these unexpected X-Men undertake has real repercussions for the line — and the very existence of Krakoa as we know it,” the writer continued. “I’m also stoked Marvel was up for the challenge of assembling such a big art team. There’s a reason you’ll see so many talented creators credited on the book, and I can’t wait for readers to discover the secret behind DEAD X-MEN.”

Dead X-Men #1 goes on sale January 31, 2024 from Marvel Comics.

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