Firestar Goes Undercover in X-Men Unlimited #112 Preview

Marvel Comics has released an official preview for the latest chapter of its Marvel Unlimited-exclusive Infinity Comics series X-Men Unlimited.

The newly released X-Men Unlimited #112 kicks off a six-part “Fall of X” tie-in arc by Steve Foxe, Steve Orlando, Guillermo Sanna, and Java Tartaglia. The arc centers on Angelica Jones/Firestar, who is believed to have sold out mutantkind to Orchis, leading to the devastating events of the 2023 Hellfire Gala. What many don’t realize is that Firestar is actually a double agent acting on behalf of a fellow X-Man: the recently deceased Jean Grey. However, with many mutants still against her and Orchis growing suspicious, to say that the former New Warrior is between a rock and a hard place would be an understatement.

Check out the official preview for X-Men Unlimited #112 below:

Firestar will have to keep up appearances in X-Men Unlimited

An official synopsis for X-Men Unlimited #112 reads as follows: “Tie-in to the FALL OF X! An all-new Firestar arc starts here! Spinning out of the events of this year’s devastating Hellfire Gala, ‘Agent’ Angelica Jones of Orchis must carry out an undercover caper under orders from Jean Grey. Mutantkind does not believe her. Sinister remains unconvinced of her true motives. Will Judas Traveller, one of Orchis’ latest mutant recruits, see through Firestar’s ruse?”

X-Men Unlimited #112 is available now on Marvel Unlimited. New chapters release on the platform every Monday.

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