G.I. Joe Reveals, Renders, and Hints From Hasbro PulseCon 2023

More than possibly any other Hasbro line, G.I. Joe likes to tease things way in advance, first by dropping names, then showing digital renders, and finally, the full product reveal. At PulseCon 2023, the looks to the future far outnumbered the actual reveals, but they ought to get fans pumped for what’s coming next.

Yo, the Men!

In terms of just names and no images, the team mentioned the following: the Cobra Ferret vehicle (The four-wheel ATV), evil ninja Night Creepers, deluxe Gnawgahyde with his pet warthog, and retro-carded repaints of Beach Head, Eels, and Snow Serpent.

Digital renders offered a feat of new characters. A deluxe version of Metal Head will include all his missile launchers and blast effects. Big Boa will feature a new unmasked head, and no, it doesn’t like Rocky Balboa, the originally planned-and-scrapped Sylvester Stallone figure that became the Cobra trainer. Techno Viper brings some sweet purple shades to Cobra corps. Airborne will arrive before the Dragonfly helicopter, ready to serve onboard. Quick Kick features a fudgy bar accessory, and a ninja star-throwing effect. Mutt and Junkyard will include multiple hand signals so Mutt can signal his big dog what to do. And the retro-carded line will include new classic versions of Duke, Scarlett, and Recondo.

The most exciting digital renders, however, were for new 60th-anniversary tribute figures, bringing the real military men of today into Classified style. The updated “soldier” and “sailor” are now Action Soldier and Recon Diver, with interchangeable Black and Caucasian heads and tons of gear, including (Rob Liefeld alert!) multiple removable patches.

However, up for preorder today are Dreadnoks Buzzer and Ripper, Agent Helix. Hawk, and Shockwave. Go get ’em! If Pulse sells out, check other retailers.

Get a look at all our screencaps and images below.

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