Hot Toys Gray Cloak Ahsoka Figure Gets Even More Lifelike

Hot Toys doesn’t always nail a perfect likeness, but even when they do, they somehow manage to find room for improvement later. It’s not like they haven’t done some amazing Ahsoka figures for their Star Wars line in the past, but with the last couple of episodes of Ahsoka giving her a new Gandalf-the-Grey style outfit following her near-death experience, Hot Toys have used the occasion to not just re-dress her, but re-do her from the ground up. Or in this case, from the skeleton outward.

Back, Not in Black

The gray cloak isn’t just a new hat on Malibu Stacy. This Ahsoka features new articulation custom-designed for her Jedi moves. A new head sculpt features longer, more screen accurate lekku. She comes with two different face sculpts — calm and angry — with independent rolling eyeballs. And a skin-over-frame design makes her articulation look seamless. Both lightsabers light up, powered by USB, and include switch-out motion blades and still blades. Her base includes a piece of the broken column that concealed the star map.

Prices on premium figures seem to be on the upswing, and with competitor companies like Mondo edging into $260 territory, this Sideshow Ahsoka is now at $300 for preorder, with payment plans available as usual. Expect delivery anywhere from next October to the March after that, so you have a while to pay her off.

Ahsoka’s likely to stick around for a while, whether in a second season of her Disney+ series or a new movie. And though she may switch outfits again, the resemblance of this figure to Rosario Dawson is so close that some photos might even fool the untrained eye. Take a look through all the images below, and be honest: which ones look like actual set photos, and which ones are more clearly a toy?

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