Rise of the Powers of X #4 Teases the ‘Greatest Betrayal in X-Men History’

Marvel Comics has revealed the official cover art and synopses for the penultimate issues of Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X.

Per Marvel, Fall of the House of X #4 by Gerry Duggan and Lucas Werneck arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, April 18. Pepe Larraz‘s cover art shows original X-Man Cyclops in a fight for his life as the final battle for Krakoa rages on. The issue’s official synopsis reads as follows: “My ally, my enemy! They say a wounded animal can be the most dangerous kind of animal to face. As the fight between the mutants and Orchis reaches a deadly pitch in FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X #4, a startling revelation rocks the X-Men to their core.”

Check out Pepe Larraz’s cover for Fall of the House of X #4 below:

Meanwhile, Rise of the Powers of X #4 by Kieron Gillen and R.B. Silva hits stands on Wednesday, April 25. Silva’s cover art shows a distraught Professor X crawling through a field of skulls as the world burns around him. “Who is Traitor X?” the official synopsis asks. “In the aftermath of the greatest betrayal in X-Men history, the Quiet Council in exile must act in RISE OF THE POWERS OF X #4. They have a plan. Can anyone, or anything, survive the experience?”

Check out R.B. Silva’s cover for Rise of the Powers of X #4 below:

Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X are now underway

Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X both launched earlier this month (this week, in the latter’s case). The dual five-issue limited series depict the final days of the X-Men’s Krakoan age. They are supported by a number of tie-in limited series, including Resurrection of Magneto, Dead X-Men, Cable, and X-Men: Forever.

Duggan, Werneck, Gillen, and Silva’s interconnected titles wrap up in May. That same month, Marvel will offer glimpse at the X-Men’s post-Krakoa era as part of Free Comic Book Day. A line-wide relaunch will follow in July, with longtime Avengers editor Tom Brevoort taking the helm.

Fall of the House of X #4 and Rise of the Powers of X #4 go on sale in April 2024 from Marvel Comics.

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