Sophia Di Martino Addresses Fan Theory About Sylvie’s Identity

Sophia Di Martino Addresses Fan Theory About Sylvie’s Identity

Warning: Possible SPOILERS for future episodes of Loki ahead.

When Sophia Di Martino‘s character on Loki first showed her face — and those horns — the natural assumption became that she was simply Lady Loki. But when she revealed her name was Sylvie, that got fans talking. Could she in fact be the Enchantress instead? While the Enchantress in comics debuted as an Asgardian named Amora, more recent lore had her as an Oklahoma girl named Sylvie Lushton. Given Asgardian powers by Loki, she took on the style and name of Amora. So could that be Sylvie’s identity on the show?

In an interview with Deadline, Di Martino seems to shut that notion down. “All I know is that the character is inspired by the comics, but she’s Sylvie [in the Disney+ series], and this is an entirely new backstory for her,” she says. Actors can always misdirect, but she claims nobody has informed her the character could be the Enchantress. But if, as fans suspect, Marvel is building towards a Young Avengers movie, Sylvie Lushton could become a key part of that story. As she was in the comics.

But Di Martino’s further comments about her character’s chemistry with Loki suggests that she is in fact Lady Loki. “Maybe it’s because she sees herself in him, maybe it’s because she finds him utterly ridiculous and she doesn’t see him as a threat. She sees him as this guy who is easy to wind up. He’s sort of in the way of her, and then a mutual respect is developed between them.”

Do you think she’s misdirecting, and is actually the Enchantress? Let us know your theory in comments!

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