Star Trek Action Figures Are Canceled, Again

With the notable exception of a Playmates action figure line while The Next Generation was still on-air, Star Trek hasn’t ever been a guaranteed action figure property. Perhaps it’s due to so many characters wearing similar uniforms, or to the fact that the fandom skews older than Star Wars, with attempts to play to younger viewers (like Prodigy) not as successful.

Regardless — McFarlane Toys dropped the license after a mere two figures. Now, Playmates has called it quits on its revival of the old line with new characters.

It’s Dead, Jim

TrekCore reported the news that Playmates, while keeping the toy license, will refocus on making starships and role-play items. Their most recent figures, in a 5-inch scale, seemed meant to fit in with vintage playsets, but rather than re-releasing any — a repainted Enterprise-D bridge playset with figures of all the crew might have sold well — they mixed in characters from several continuities.

In addition, TrekCore is reporting that Super7’s line of Star Trek: the Next Generation Ultimates and ReAction figures may also be done, as the company is no longer promoting them at industry events. They notably had some difficulty getting preorders for their Guinan 7-inch figure, offering her to fans twice. If they are indeed done, they never even completed the Enterprise crew.

Which leaves Exo-6, the company created specifically to make collector-grade Star Trek figures in the Hot Toys/Sideshow high-end style (and price point). Perhaps that’s where the license best belongs, in a 1/6 scale and format that allows for better actor likeness and costume replication. Hiya Toys also retains the rights for the Kelvin universe figures from the recent movies, but unless the fourth film actually happens, that might not last long.

What sorts of Star Trek action figures would you like to see, if any?

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